How Frequently Should You Visit Your Dentist
October 12, 2021
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Maintaining oral health is as important as taking care of the rest of the body. While a study shows that 85 percent of Americans recognize the extreme importance of oral health, only 25 percent are satisfied with the health of their mouth, teeth, and gums, and only 15 percent rated their current oral health as excellent. Additionally, 42 percent of American adults say they don’t visit the dentist to get proper dental care services as often as they would like.


The popular twice-a-year recommendation to visit the dentist came from toothpaste advertisements, and it can work for some people to assess mouth problems and fix them as soon as possible. But in reality, it is different for everyone. 


Read on to learn more about how often one should visit the dentist and the standard procedures.


Visiting the Dentist


The frequency at which someone should visit the dentist depends on several factors, including the person’s current oral health condition, oral hygiene habits, general health status, medical conditions, and self and dentist-assessed oral health risks.


To assess one’s risks for oral diseases, consider your personal health, genetic factors, and lifestyle to determine the risk level. Factors include a sugary diet, refined carbohydrates, poor oral habits, lack of exposure to fluoride, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol and drugs, and medical conditions such as diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, and head and neck cancer.


Other factors include changes in dental health. Certain indications like chipped, shifting teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, and tooth pain and sensitivity must be checked immediately to avoid further problems. 


Additionally, if a person has had dental work done like a filling, crown, or oral surgery, make sure to consult the dentist and never miss follow-up appointments to ensure perfect healing.


Possible Dental Procedures


Dental appointments allow dentists to assess one’s oral health, prescribe any treatment, and evaluate individual hygiene habits. It usually takes an hour or less, depending on the dentist’s findings and recommended procedures. 


Here are some of the general guidelines one should expect:

  • Cleaning - Dental cleaning has many benefits, including removing plaque and tartar buildup that regular brushing cannot get rid of. The dentist will clean the teeth with scalers and other tools that effectively remove plaque from tooth surfaces and the gum line. Then, they will polish the teeth using paste and floss.
  • Cavity check - The oral hygienist examines the teeth for any signs of decay, chips, and damages that require repair.
  • Dental work follow-ups - Fillings and other dental works require proper maintenance. So, the dentist will check them to assess their condition after some time. They may suggest a new filling, bridge, or crown if the current one is already deteriorating.
  • Gum health assessment - Dentists also examine gum health for any signs of gingivitis. They check for pockets around each tooth where gums are pulled away due to bacteria and plaque build-ups.
  • Oral cancer examination - The oral hygienist checks a patient’s palate, tongue, throat, the inside of the cheeks, and other parts of the oral cavity for signs of cancer. Also, they will feel the jaw and throat for any irregularities.



Dental check-ups are a huge part of taking care of oneself to maintain your overall well-being. It is also an opportunity to treat oral problems immediately to avoid costly procedures in the future.


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