The Most Common Cosmetic Dental Issues
October 12, 2021
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There is no single person who was born with a perfect set of pearly whites. And because of beauty standards and personal desires, chances are you'll want to improve your smile, too. Regardless of your dental objectives or needs, it’s understandable to want perfect teeth for yourself. 


Most individuals look at their smile and wish they could tweak one or two things to make it more beautiful. You might believe that would be considerably more attractive if your teeth were whiter, straighter, and simply flawless. 


In light of this, we’ll discuss the most common cosmetic dental issues— and ways to fix them. Read on to discover more.


Teeth Crookedness


Teeth that are not precisely straight or are almost straight can attract attention, but not in a good way. Other times, they can even cause distraction, which will increase your self-consciousness and awkwardness during social interactions. 


Additionally, extreme crookedness can also make talking and chewing difficult. To make crooked teeth appear straighter, dental bonding or veneers are commonly utilized.


Teeth Fractures or Chips


Cracked or chipped teeth can weaken over time, becoming less functional and more prone to decay. A way to fix this specific issue is to seek dental bonding, fillings, crowns, and veneers. Thankfully, these dental procedures can be utilized to replace lost enamel.


Teeth Discoloration


Teeth discoloration can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. While tooth discoloration is unpleasant, aesthetic remedies are simple. To achieve consistent, natural-looking color on your teeth, you can employ teeth whitening, dental bonding, or even veneers.


Missing Teeth


You may be hesitant to show off your grin if you have a missing tooth or two. Missing teeth are usually caused by bone loss and neuromuscular difficulties. 


To avoid future issues, know that missing teeth can be replaced as soon as your dentist sees fit. To replace missing teeth, employ the procedure of dental implants or a fixed bridge.


Teeth Gaps


Large or minor gaps in your smile can cause feelings of embarrassment, forcing you to hide them. Simple therapies, rather than braces, can be utilized to close gaps. Instead, dental bonding or veneers could be used to repair the gaps quickly.


Teeth Deformation


Compared to the rest of your teeth, a tooth or two may be excessively short, too lengthy, or unevenly formed. These concerns can be easily addressed by dental bonding, veneers, or crowns.


Gummy Teeth


The gums may have grown deeper into a person's teeth than usual, giving the appearance of tiny teeth. This could be an unsightly look and give you ill feelings about your appearance. If you have a gummy smile, consider a soft tissue laser treatment that can quickly and painlessly remove extra gum.




We all know this to be true: Teeth play a significant role in our self-confidence. Whether or not you encounter these common dental issues, know that you are not alone and that there are solutions that could help you achieve your best smile yet! 


That said, don’t let these impediments ruin your attitude. Visit your dentist now to find out how you can improve the look of your smile and significantly impact your self-esteem!


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