Sedation Dentistry
  • Dr. Rachel Davis is fully certified in Conscious Sedation (Sedation Dentistry) to give our patients the option of "sleep dentistry" to perform treatment planned procedures for the anxious or fearful patient. It is also a great alternative for larger and longer treatment plans. Many patients choose conscious sedation as an alternative to ordinary dentistry.
  • IV Sedation is available and affordable! Our nurse anesthetist, Mr. Scott Getty, from G2 Anesthesia Services Inc helps more patients who fear dental-related experiences by providing greater access to IV sedation and general anesthesia in our dental office.


Types of Sedation We Offer

  • Nitrous (Laughing Gas) is available for any procedure in the office
  • Light Sedation (valium or xanax with nitrous)
  • Conscious Sedation
  • IV Sedation with a nurse anesthetist

In some cases we can even do same day sedations for emergency procedures if time allows. You must bring a companion and have not eaten or drank for at least 4 hours prior to your appointment. Please talk with a receptionist about this option.



Conscious Sedation is defined as a minimally depressed level of consciousness that retains the patient's ability to independently and continuously maintain an airway (breath on your own) and respond to physical stimulation and verbal command. Conscious sedation is produced by pharmacological or nonpharmacologic methods or a combination. In our practice we use common drugs such as Valium and Triazolam along with Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas.


  1. The patient is seen for a comprehensive oral exam that takes approximately 1 1/2 hours at our office. Medical and dental history is reviewed and appropriate x-rays are exams are performed. A preliminary treatment plan is started.
  2. A full treatment plan is constructed with the patient playing an active role in what procedures are completed.
  3. The patient returns to the office for the conscious sedation treatment plan session with their companion where the appropriate sedation documents, consent forms and treatment plan are discussed and signed. Any questions about sedation will be answered at this appointment.
  4. The first conscious sedation appointment is started. The patient takes a pill the night before and the day of and a companion drives the patient to our office.
  5. When the patient arrives in our office, they are escorted into the comfortable room, covered with a thick, warm blanket and placed on a monitor to watch their vital signs. After the patient is comfortable our experienced clinical team at Davis Dental Center will take care of the patient's dental needs.
  6. When the treatment is completed the companion will return the patient home to finish their comfortable, relaxing day.
  7. And the next day, the needed dental procedures will be complete and the patient will remember nothing about the appointment.
  8. If more treatment is needed, steps 4-7 are repeated.

This patient did not like her front teeth and did not smile.  The remaining upper teeth were extracted and an immediate denture was place.  Her lower front teeth received chairside veneers.  This patient can now smile with confidence.


This patient thought that she would need all her teeth extracted and full dentures.
In one conscious sedation appointment, we rehabilitated her smile with temporary crowns, bridges and placed implants.
After the implants healed, the permanent crowns were delivered and the lower over denture.  This patient was extremely happy to smile again.


People who have...

  • high fear
  • traumatic dental experiences
  • difficulty getting numb
  • bad gag reflex
  • very sensitive teeth
  • complex dental problems
  • limited time to complete dental care

People who...

  • hate needles and shots
  • hate the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care
  • are afraid or embarrassed about their teeth