Davis Dental Center expands and remodels

In 2020, Davis Dental Center decided to expand our practice due to a rise in patient demand and not enough room to accommodate the need. With the expertise and experience of AL Post, Inc, the engineering and planning of the expansion started. The previous tenants that shared the space at 902 Dupont Road vacated the space in 2020 giving Davis Dental Center the opportunity to stay in our current location. After a year of planning, the construction started in January of 2022. In order to continue practicing and serving our patients, the huge project was broken into 3 phases. The vacant suite was the first phase to be completed, moving into a larger waiting room and reception area and expanding into 5 more operatories.  Phase II included the older section of the practice and updating our sterilization area. This phase involved a facelift and renovation all the existing operatories and adding 4 additional operatories. Our sterilization area was updated to accommodate the increase in operatories and patient care. The final third phase has completed the project giving Davis Dental Center a total of 17 operatories from the 8 previous operatories, an updated laboratory and break room for our staff and three newly remodeled bathrooms. We look forward to sharing this space with our patients and being able to serve our community with more expectational care and expertise. 

waiting room

doctor operatory

Below is letter about our office protocol in response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus epidemic

New update7-1-2021

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Dr. Rachel and Chris complete their family with the arrival of their third child, Logan Kidwell Stockton

Dr. Rachel and Chris Stockton completed their family with their newest addition of the much anticipated boy, Logan Kidwell Stockton. He was born on October 9, 2018 at a whopping 9.8lb and 22inches long. Both his older sisters Lydia and Sydney were excited to welcome him to the family. Hopefully he will follow in his mother's footsteps with his sisters, and keep the generational dentistry going.

Digital Implant Planning for Full Implant Cases

With the aide of LSK121 Dental Lab, Davis Dental Center is planning all our implant cases. This is the most accurate  way to plan single tooth and full mouth implant cases. Watch these videos, they are absolutely amazing!

Dr. Rachel and Chris welcome their second daughter Sydney Rose Stockton

Dr. Rachel and Chris Stockton welcomed their second daughter Sydney Rose Stockton on Saturday August 6, 2016. Dr. Rachel saw her last patient the Friday before and delivered Sydney early Saturday morning at 7lb and 4oz. Both mom and baby did well and forever changed the dynamics of the Davis-Stockton family. Older sister Lydia was excited to meet her new sister and promises to help out when she can.

Davis Dental Center at the Downs

Every year the Louisville Dental Society host a Day at the Races for the Louisville Dental Community. On June 3, 2016 Davis Dental Center brought most of their staff to an exciting day at Churchill Downs to mingle with other local dental practices, eat, drink and bet on the horses. A fun day was had by all!

Davis Dental Center acquired a CT Scanner

In April 2016, Davis Dental Center added another new piece of technology to our office, a 3D Cone Beam CT scanner. In less than 15 seconds, one of our trained staff members can perform a low dose scan of our patients upper and lower jaws in 3D. This piece of technology can help the doctors diagnose dental problems more accurately and pre-plan implant surgeries with ease. We are now offering implant guided surgery with stents.

Implant Guided Surgery

In November 2015, Dr. Rachel became certified in Implant Guided Surgery through Hiossen Implant Company. This specialized procedure takes all the guess work out of implant planning and placement. A CT scan is acquired along with an impression. All the implant planning is done before the patient's surgery date. The appropriate implant sized is selected from the CT scan and sent to lab to construct a surgical stent from the CT scan and impression. This stent is then placed in the mouth during the implant placement and reduces the amount of surgery needed. Whereas before the tissue had to be flapped back, now just a small hole of tissue is removed and the stent guides the surgeon to place the pre-planned exact implant into the bone. Traditional surgeries that used to take hours are now reduced to minutes.

Dr. Rachel traveled to Chicago to learn this new technique. Within 30 minutes she had extracted one tooth and placed five implants on the lower. See the before and after x-rays below.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

In 2014, Davis Dental Center became one of the only offices in the surrounding Louisville are to offer SAME DAY CROWNS AND RESTORATIONS. With the help of E4D Planmeca  CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/computer assisted milling) technology has arrived at Davis Dental. No more impressions or waiting a month to have your crown completed at the lab. The appointments are usually 2-3 hours in length with a break in the middle to design, mill and fire the restorations. It is a great service that we can now offer to our patients.

Below are two photos of a crown design in action by our outstanding assistant Taylor.